After the kitchen has been used for a certain period of time, it has become dirty, greasy, and dirty due to the problem of oil smoke. In addition, the design is not in line with the current kitchen design.

At this time, many owners will choose to renovate the old kitchen.

But kitchen renovation is a relatively complicated project, so what are the precautions for a kitchen renovation? The following precautions must be kept in mind!

Precautions For Kitchen Renovation

1. Unsuitable pipes need to be modified

The water pipe design in the past is very different from the current one, and it can even be said that it is difficult to meet the demand. If you can, it is recommended that you look at the modification of the water pipe when renovating the kitchen to meet the modern use and needs as much as possible.

In addition, the circuit is the same, especially to pay attention to the use, check the previous circuit trend.

If it is inappropriate and needs to be modified, a drawing will be issued to the decoration company, and the construction team will make the necessary transformation according to the drawing.

2. The transformation of gas and natural gas pipelines in the old kitchen needs to be cautious

These two pipelines are generally not allowed to be changed at will. If you have to change, you must get the property company’s consent.

When making changes, due to the strong professionalism and at the same time, in order to facilitate future maintenance, the professional company designated by the gas, natural gas company, or property company is usually responsible for making changes.

3. Add a hot water pipe

Old houses are generally supplied by a single channel, so it is best to add a hot water pipe when the kitchen is renovated.

In addition, the average family bathroom is relatively small, and the washing machine can only be placed in the kitchen, which must be connected to an upper water pipe, and at the same time increase the ground drainage pipe.

4. Installation of gas meter

In the renovation of the old kitchen, the gas meter must be moved from its original position to the other wall, and the wall has been installed with cabinets, so there is no place to install the gas meter.

At this time, you can only make holes in the bottom of the cabinet to hide the gas meter in the cabinet, but this way, it is difficult to find problems in time, and it is easy to leave hidden safety hazards.

5. Do a good water closure test

Before doing the water supply and drainage renovation, it is recommended to conduct a closed water test on the space and then accept it by the relevant property.

If you find a water leak, you can find the property to solve it. In case of leakage after reconstruction, the responsibility is not clear. And it is better to do the waterproof construction again to better ensure its waterproof effect.

6. The kitchen and bathroom location is planned

Before construction, the length of the pipe passing through the wall should be planned. The size of the pipe at the wall exit should take into account the final size after the wall tiles are paved, especially the pipe directly connected to the faucet after the wall is exited.

In addition, the direction of the pipeline should try to avoid the electric wire pipe entering the wall, to avoid future water pipe rupture and leakage affecting electricity.

7. Set the inlet and outlet

Accurate positioning of the water inlet and outlet is very important. In addition to being customized according to personal lifestyle, it is also necessary to look at the distance and layout between the kitchen and the bathroom.

In the reconstruction of second-hand houses, it is also necessary to consider whether to retain the original water inlet and outlet locations.

8. Water pressure test

After the installation of the water pipe is completed, the cold and hot water pipe must be traditionally tested for pressure, generally 6-8kg, the test pressure should not be less than 0.6MPa, and the time is 20-30 minutes.

If the pressure is maintained without leakage, and the air pressure does not drop, it is regarded as qualified.

9. Drawing drainage transformation trend map

After construction, an accurate water supply and drainage transformation trend map must be drawn and properly kept, especially the house with hidden pipes, so as to solve the problems of waterway leakage in the future.

10. Waterproof after sealing

After the pressure test is completed, after drawing the water supply and drainage transformation trend map, the groove can be sealed.

Both the wall and the ground must be waterproof after sealing the groove. The height of the waterproof layer of the bathroom wall should be 180cm, and the height of the kitchen wall should be 50cm. Make the wall and the floor waterproof to prevent the future.

11. The style and color of kitchen and bathroom renovation should be unified

Finally, there is the problem of the color of the decoration of the walls and floors, including the color selection of the cabinets, which requires extra care.

Generally, the interior decoration and renovation involve large areas, and the same is true for the changes in walls and floors.

At this time, we must pay attention to reasonable collocation, so as to better create a harmonious environment and make people live more comfortable, this is a collocation skill.

12. The bearing wall cannot be removed

For the renovation of old kitchens, walls, and floors are often the key projects. Old sand-grey walls are prone to aging, which leads to cracking of the wall surface. If the wall base is good during decoration, anti-cracking treatment can be applied.

If it involves the removal of the kitchen wall, first of all, it is necessary to know whether the kitchen wall is a light body wall, and it must be removed after the consent of the property company

If the wall is a load-bearing wall, it cannot be demolished.

13. Minimize the joints of the line

When the circuit is refurbished, the safety of electricity consumption should be given top priority. Find the water circuit diagram of the original kitchen decoration, so that it is easier to transform the current water and electricity lines.

For the wires of the old house, it must be replaced with national standard wires, and a PVC insulated tube must be worn when the wires are buried in the wall.

Lines should have as few joints as possible. If wiring is necessary, the joints must be properly connected and insulated and protected against moisture.

There are many weaknesses in the circuit layout of the old kitchen. It is difficult for strong electricity to meet the electricity demand of modern households. Weak electricity is basically not in place. Aluminum core wires and small wire diameters in the circuit are all objects that have been eliminated.

Tip: In the circuit transformation, the original circuit can be retained if it meets the standard. The newly added sockets and lighting circuits should be routed separately from the distribution box.

Any wiring or adding sockets and lighting power to the original circuit will cause a single circuit to be overloaded and easy cause trips or burn out the main power supply, or even cause a fire in severe cases.

14. Cast iron pipe changed to PPR pipe

The kitchen has water pipes, natural gas, heating pipes, etc. If you are not careful, it will cause leakage and pollution. The pipes of the old house are generally cast iron pipes or galvanized pipes, which are easily corroded, and there will be problems such as water leakage and heating pipe running.

During the renovation, the indoor water pipe can be changed to the PPR pipe. If the house is newer, the pipeline should also be checked for corresponding leaks.

15. The lamp is far away from the stove

The kitchen lamp is damaged very quickly, the rust spot of the lamp head of the kitchen, poor contact, etc. are very common things, so in the transformation, the design and installation of the lamp position should also be paid attention to.

When installing kitchen lamps, place the parts as far away as possible from the stove. Do not let the gas and water vapor be directly contaminated. Generally, installing a range hood or exhaust fan can solve this problem. The brightness of the lamps must be sufficient, and the kitchen with too low light will greatly reduce the quality of the meals.


I hope the precautions above can let you know more about how to renovate an old kitchen. Actually, it’s a troublesome job because it involves a lot of different work and knowledge. But, if you can master it, I believe it can help you save money in the future because renovation is never cheap.

If you have any questions, please leave them below. I ‘d love to hear that.


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