If your home doesn’t have a kitchen, I think it cannot be called a “home”. Moreover, kitchen decoration is more important than home decoration.

No matter how exquisite is the decoration, if there is no activity space for your lovely mummy, life will become tasteless.

When many people decorate their kitchen for the first time, it is inevitable that they will not be careful enough. It’s easy to make mistakes and it has many traps also. Therefore, cautions on kitchen decoration is very important for everyone.

In this topic, I will compile the decoration experience provided by decoration experts and the matters that should be paid attention to in the kitchen decoration.

Kitchen Decoration

1. Transformation of water, electricity, and gas pipelines

If the water pipes and wire pipes are old and difficult to meet the demand, the modern use and demand should be met as much as possible during the transformation. If it is not suitable, it needs to be modified. Design a drawing and give it to the decoration company, and the construction team will make the necessary transformation according to the drawing.

The transformation of the gas and natural gas pipeline in the old kitchen must be approved by the property company. When changing, due to the strong professionalism, the professional company designated by the gas, natural gas company, or property company is usually responsible for the change.

2. The load-bearing wall cannot be removed

If the wall base is good during decoration, it can be fixed. If it involves the removal of the kitchen wall, it is first necessary to know whether the kitchen wall is a supporting wall, and it must be removed after the property company agrees.

3. Change cast iron pipe to PPR pipe

The pipes of the old house are generally cast iron pipes or galvanized pipes, which are easily corroded, and there will be problems such as water leakage and leakage of heating pipes. During the renovation, the indoor water pipe can be changed to a PPR pipe.

4. Style and color should be unified

Interior renovation, color, the style must pay attention to a reasonable mix, so as to better create a harmonious environment.

5. Waterproof

Carry out a waterproof test on the space first, if you find any water leakage, you can find the property to solve it. And it is better to do the waterproof construction again to better guarantee its waterproof effect.


1. Design concept

The practicality and functionality of the kitchen furniture are given top priority, and then beauty is considered, and a perfect combination between practicality and beauty is sought.

2. Harmony

The colors and styles of the kitchen furniture are in harmony with the overall environment of the home and complement each other.

3. Furniture standardization

The standardized kitchen furniture can be matched with various electrical appliances, which can scientifically use the kitchen space and have good visual and practical effects.

4. Functionality

In the overall kitchen design, water pipe and circuit design are very important and must be in place at one time to avoid future troubles due to kitchen renovations and the addition of electrical appliances, and even refurbishment.

5. Location of stove

The location of the cooktop should be close to the outer wall so that it is easy to install the range hood. The position in front of the window is best left to the conditioning station.

Open Kitchen

1. Ventilation and smoke removal

When using a range hood with high power and multiple functions, you must ensure that all cooking fumes can be exhausted when cooking and cooking.

In addition, the open kitchen is better to have larger windows, so as to ensure good ventilation and reduce the smell of oil smoke in the room.

2. Properly store kitchen stuff

Storage can ensure the beauty of the kitchen, and storage tools such as cabinets and floor cabinets are essential.

3. The importance of selecting materials

The floor of the open kitchen is best to choose easy-to-clean materials such as floor tiles and laminate floors.

4. Uniform style

The unity of the kitchen, dining room and living room in terms of furniture, color, and style can enhance the sense of space integration, extend the line of sight, make the space visually larger, and make better use of the space.

5. Partition

You can make a simple distinction between the kitchen area and other areas by using bar partitions, curtain partitions, partition cabinets, and glass walls.

Decoration Errors

1. Blind pursuit of the open kitchen

The open kitchen is beautiful and generous, but considering the practical problems of Chinese food, it is oily, smokey, and heavy in taste. If there is no reasonable design, the whole room will be surrounded by greasy and spicy.

2. Kitchen ceiling

The ceiling of the kitchen is best to be installed with waterproof aluminum gussets to prevent the ceiling from becoming wet due to water vapor or oil fumes. In addition, try not to have any cracks in the kitchen, so that it is easy to clean up later.

3. Only buy cabinets after renovation

Do not purchase cabinets for installation after the decoration is completed. Before the decoration, ask the cabinet manufacturer to make measurements, set the cabinet model, reserve the pipeline-interface and corresponding space, and then carry out the decoration.

4. The closer the range hood is to the stove, the better

In order to enhance the function of the range hood, many people think that the closer the range hood is the stove, the better. In fact, the effective distance of the range hood is usually 80 cm, and the smoking effect is almost the same in this range.

5. Single kitchen lighting

In addition to the lighting of the entire kitchen, the modern kitchen lights also need to add special spotlights for cabinets in the washing area and the operating table, otherwise, there will be shadows during operation, which is inconvenient and easy to hurt.

Decoration Taboos

1. The material is not waterproof

A kitchen is a place with relatively high humidity, and it is easy to accumulate water and damp, so all the materials purchased in the kitchen must have relatively high water resistance.

2. Granite for kitchen countertops

When the kitchen is being renovated, the countertop is the material that has been used the longest, and like granite, radioactive materials will be generated during use. Therefore, it is best not to choose granite for the kitchen countertop.

3. Place flammable substances

A kitchen is a place with a fire source, so remember when decorating, the kitchen must not have any flammable items to avoid accidents.

4. Many cracks

When the kitchen is used, it is easy to produce oil fumes and hide dirt, so the kitchen should not leave too many cracks.

5. Mosaic on the ground

Mosaic tiles are small in size and have many gaps. When used in the kitchen, it is not conducive to cleaning, but also easy to hide dirt.

Decoration Sequence

1. Understand the market style and budget

Before preparing for decoration, we must first understand the market situation. Never buy a product without knowing it. You can make a rough style and budget according to your own situation in order to control future decoration.

2. Water pipe and circuit renovation

Most people are willing to make the water pipe and circuit as hidden pipes because they are more beautiful. The hidden dangers of the water pipe, so it must be safe, and the socket must be designed well.

3. Leveling the walls and plastering

After the ground and wall are removed, the cement leveled the uneven surface of the wall, which will facilitate the next step of waterproofing.

4. Waterproof

After the cement dries out, apply waterproof coating 2-3 times to the walls and floors, and do a waterproof test after 24 hours.

5. Tiling

The quality of the tiles should be high. There should not be too much space between the tiles and the diagonal gap between the two tiles should be no more than 2mm.

6. Install ceilings, cabinets, lamps, etc.

After pasting the wall tiles and floor tiles, you can ask the relevant personnel to come to install the ceiling, cabinets, and lamps.

7. Purchase refrigerators, small appliances, and metal pendants, etc.

Before buying a refrigerator, you need to measure the size. If you want to hang a small appliance such as a microwave oven on the wall, you must buy a shelf in advance. The hardware pendant should also be configured according to the actual situation. These can be installed by the master of the decoration team.


After reading the cautions on kitchen decoration below, I think it somehow helps many people to save money in the future. It mentions different aspects that you should be aware of and avoid some problems. As you know, the decoration is not cheap, if it has trouble, the ultimate cost will be higher.

I hope everyone can have a nice kitchen in your home. I believe your mood will be better that have the worst kitchen. If it’s designed well, it will be art.

If you have any questions, please leave them below. I ‘d love to hear that.


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