I think the most suitable kitchen appliances for renters is best to use one device for multiple purposes. Do you know how to choose the best small kitchen appliances for a renter?

For the young man who just enters society, they do not have enough money to buy a house by themselves. Therefore, renting a house has become the only choice.

Although the house is rented, life is not. It’s not safe to eat outside every time. I think it’s better to do it yourself.

So what kind of kitchen appliances do renters buy? I think that the economy and practicality are the most important.

Induction Cooker

Best Buy Electric Cooktops

An induction cooker is one of the necessary kitchen supplies for modern families. Its convenience and practicality make many people begin to rely on it.

And many houses are not fully furnished,  the kitchen will not have gas stoves, range hoods, and other high-end kitchen appliances.

Therefore, the induction cooker has become the first choice for renters. When cooking, it generates less smoke and the adjustable firepower is also more convenient for novices to operate. Different cooking modes can be used to complete a variety of dishes.


The induction cooker is a cooking stove invented using the basic principle of magnetic field induced current, also known as eddy current. When the cookware is placed on the top, the alternating current flowing into the heating coil forms an alternating magnetic field around the heating coil. Then, it forms a large amount of eddy current on the contact surface so it generates heat.

This is why the induction cooker uses a frying pan. First, it is easy to place, and second, the larger the area of ​​the induction cooker, the higher the heat generated.

Because the induction cooker is not transferred to the cooker through the heat of the stove itself, but the heat source of heat provided by the cooker itself. The thermal efficiency of the induction cooker is nearly double that of the traditional stove.

However, many people question the radiation hazard of induction cookers. Is the radiation of household induction cookers large? If you want to know more, you can read the post below.

Rice Cooker

What Is An Electric Rice Cooker

For many people, rice cookers have become indispensable small appliances at home. After work, people will prepare cooking materials and then cook rice. In addition, to cook delicious rice, the rice cooker can also cook soup and porridge.

Most of the renters are 1-2, so you don’t need too much capacity, 3L or less is enough.

Using a different rice cooker is definitely a different taste experience which requires us to learn how to choose the rice cooker correctly.

If you want to know more about it, please read the post below.

Electric Kettle

What Is An Electric Kettle

Don’t you want to drink mineral water every day? Rent a room without a water heater?

The electric kettle is an indispensable part of life today and its convenience provides us with great convenience.

An electric kettle can easily solve the usual problems of drinking water and boiling water, and the occupied area is small. It just needs up to ten minutes to prepare a full pot of hot water.

The food-grade stainless steel material is better when buying that will not produce toxic substances during use. It’s easier to clean and the capacity normally from 1.5L-2L that’s the best fit for personal use.

As an electrical product, you must pay attention to your purchase. I am afraid that you will often struggle with which kind of electric kettle? To judge which kind of electric kettle is good, we must first understand the working principle, advantages, disadvantages, and precautions of the electric kettle.

The following posts will talk more further about it.

Mini Fridge

Best Buy Compact Refrigerators - Single Door Vs Double Door - How To Choose

Refrigerators are already a kind of household appliances that are very dependent on daily life. Small-capacity refrigerators are just right for renters. Not only can they drink cold drinks at any time after work, but they are also definitely a good helper at home in storing food and freezing and keeping fresh to three days.

It eliminates the trouble of going out and buying food frequently, plus the small size does not take up space. Choose the double door design, the storage space with a capacity of about 100L is quite considerable

However, many friends do not have enough knowledge about refrigerators, so that there are certain misunderstandings in the purchase, use, and maintenance of refrigerators. In order to help consumers choose the refrigerator they are satisfied with and use the refrigerator better, I will introduce you to the refrigerator purchase experience.


If you are the first time living outside alone, I think it may difficult to choose the best small kitchen appliances. I hope the appliances introduce above are suitable for you.

If you have any questions, please leave them below. I ‘d love to hear that.


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