Do you want to know the best small kitchen appliances for pregnant women?

The kitchen appliances at home are always useful. It can serve us and make cooking easier. The main purpose is to cook nutritious food easy and convenient. The most important things are safety and no radiation especially there is a pregnant woman at home. Be careful about this kind of electrical radiation.

What kitchen appliances can a pregnant woman use? Take a look below.

Electric Stew Pot

It’s a kind of electric cooker but the power consumption is much smaller than the rice cooker and other electric cookers. The power is generally below 300W. The minimum is less than 80W. The capacity can be small and large.

It uses a slow cooking method to cook. It can make the taste and nutrition of ingredients and seasonings well distributed and the flavor is very strong.

During pregnancy, pregnant women need to absorb a lot of nutrition. Drinking nourishing soup is a good way. You can choose to use an electric stew pot to cook soup. It can also prevent the loss of nutrients. You don’t need to take care of it at work. And the power consumption is much smaller than a rice cooker.

The radiation it generates is negligible. It’s far from being harmful to human health. Therefore it is suitable for pregnant women. It’s multifunctional and can meet the needs of different soups.

Other than soup, porridge is also the most nutritious food. The electric stew pot is undoubtedly the most suitable for keeping it healthy among all cooking utensils.

How To Choose?

The first is the choice of capacity. The usual bowl for eating is about 0.3L. The capacity to be purchased is about 0.3 * person * the number of bowls (per capita). But the future capacity should also be reserved.

The second is the interior of the electric stew. You can choose the ceramic of stainless steel.

If you are budget enough and want more functions, you can choose to buy a pressure cooker. If you want to know more about it, you can read the posts below.

What Is Pressure Cooker

Yogurt Maker

Yogurt Maker

It’s a machine that makes yogurt. The principle is very simple. It’s a device that provides a constant temperature environment (usually between 35-45 degrees) for milk fermentation. There is not much technical content.

Under this temperature environment, probiotics can be reproduced in large quantities, promote the conversion of lactose in milk into lactic acid, thereby fermenting into yogurt.

Pregnant woman eats more yogurt can help gastrointestinal digestion. It can also relieve constipation during pregnancy. It has the benefits of enhancing absorption and improving immunity.

However, the quality of the yogurt makers sold outside is uneven. It’s better to make it at home. Maybe some pregnant women will worry about the radiation problem of the yogurt maker.

The power of the yogurt maker used is very small. The effect on the pregnant woman is negligible. After the baby is born, the yogurt maker can also be used as a baby bottle warmer.

Yogurt is a multi-nutritional dairy product. It’s suitable for all ages and tastes good. The nutrition is high and the price is not low.

For friends who are willing to do it. Homemade yogurt saves money. The price of the yogurt maker is not high, you can make different tastes every time.

When you buy it, you have to pay more attention. If you want to know more about it, please read 15 Best Electric Yogurt Makers.

Electric Radiant Cooktop

Best Buy Electric Cooktops

It uses far infrared technology that can save 30% energy than the traditional induction cooker. At the same time, it has no radiation and truly achieves a uniform heating function when heating.

The power can be continuously adjusted from 100-2000w.  It does not pick the type of pot. The only requirement is the flat bottom. Generally, you should pay attention to check the heating rate whether it is evenly heated.

Smokeless Griddle

Best Large Electric Griddles - 2 in 1 Grill/Griddle Is The Best

In addition to the radiation of kitchen appliances, kitchen cooking smoke can also cause great harm to pregnant women. The production of cooking smoke always come from cookware.

At this time, the smokeless griddle is an indispensable helper for pregnant women in a healthy life. When purchasing, be sure to know whether there is a chemical coating.

It has a long service life and less cooking smoke so many families loved it.

How To Choose?


Generally speaking, a family of 3 does not need to buy too large. The product description always has clear instructions for you.


If you want to use it for a longer time, pay more attention to the material of the cooking surface and how long is the warranty.


Not all the models come with the handles. I think it’s very important because you can move it easier.

If you want to know more, please read 16 Best Large Electric Griddles.


Above is only some of the useful kitchen appliances for the pregnant woman. I hope it will be useful for everyone pregnant or who wants a baby in the future.

If you have any questions, please leave them below. I ‘d love to hear that.


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