Do you know how to choose the best small kitchen appliances for baby food?

Baby’s diet and nutrition are very important for every buys mummy. After 6 months, breast milk or milk powder can no longer meet the needs of baby growth. At this time, it is necessary to feed the baby with appropriate complementary food.

In addition to paying attention to food safety, making supplementary food for the baby should also pay attention to nutrition. Next, I will recommend several practical appliances for you. Let’s take a look at it.


It is mainly for processing and grinding food and let it becomes delicate and easy to eat by your lovely baby.

Centrifugal Juicer

Centrifugal Juicer

From the very beginning, supplementary foods other than breast milk or milk powder that can be eaten by the baby are liquid objects such as fruit juice and vegetable juice. Therefore, a centrifugal juicer is indispensable.

A centrifugal juicer is just a machine that can quickly squeeze fruits and vegetables into juices that can be used at home.

It was invented by Dr. Norman Walker as early as 1930. This doctor is famous for inventing the world’s first centrifugal juicer. He is known as the father of the active juice machine.

On this basis, later the designers improved the centrifugal juicer with different styles and different principles such as masticating juicers.

What Is Slow Masticating Juicer

It is best to choose a filter that is particularly fine that can be separated for cleaning easily. It needs to ensure that the filtration is high quality enough that will not cause the baby to choke.

The machine can be cleaned thoroughly and easily to prevent the bacteria from affecting the baby’s health. You can also use hot water to clean before every time use.

The consumer group of centrifugal juicer mainly has two categories:

  1. The family with children or the elderly. Children tend to be picky eaters and the elderly have bad teeth. Make the juice can satisfy their intake of sufficient nutrients.
  2. Young people who pursue fashion and lifestyle. The centrifugal juicer meets their needs for advocating individual tastes.

If you want to know the details mentions above, you can read the post below.

Food Steamer

Best Electric Food Steamers - The Healthiest Cooking Method In Your Life

Food Steamer can be used for steaming food. The steamed food tastes fresh and tender, easy to digest, and contains less fat. It can preserve nutrients and healthy.

As a commonly used cooking tool for food supplements, the steamer can use a small one. It is energy-saving and convenient. Also, food steamer made of food-grade stainless steel can ensure the safety of the baby’s diet.

It’s a kitchen life appliance developed based on the traditional wooden steamer, aluminum steamer, bamboo steamer, etc. that uses the principle of electric steam to directly steam various foods.

It’s easy to switch between various functional requirements. For example, a food steamer can automatically ring after the cycle is completed. Once the water is dry, it will automatically power off so it’s very safe.

It can intelligently regulate the steaming and stewing temperature through steam pressure in some high-end models.

There are a water inlet and a water reservoir view window. When the water is insufficient, you can add the water at any time without removing the steam tray. Remember, not all the models come with these convenient features.

The steam tray can be moved flexibly according to the amount of food. It can be removed easily for cleaning after use.

It can be said that food steamer is specially designed to satisfy the “steaming” cooking method.

Baby Food Maker

As the baby grows, the porridge or juice can no longer meet its nutritional needs. Therefore, complementary foods also have to be different. Various porridges can balance different nutrition well.

Choosing the baby food maker can also relieve the burden on busy mothers. Several inner tanks of different sizes are also more practical. Small pots can be used to stew. Large pots can be used normally even if the baby grows up so they will not be idle in the future.

The baby will need supplementary food at six months old. However, because the baby’s teeth and swallowing ability are not yet fully developed, the supplementary food is generally fluid or semi-fluid soup or porridge.

Baby food maker is good equipment for making complementary food in daily life.

We can buy it by looking at material, design, function, safety, size, brand, etc.

Food Processor

Food Processor

The food processor has the function of grinding and stirring. Put the ingredients into a special mixing cup and put it on to stir or grind. Then use the steamer to steam it for the baby.

And the food processor is very powerful. The capacity is also suitable for the whole family use even if the baby does not need to eat complementary food anymore.

It’s best selected can be completely disassembled because it’s convenient to clean after use to ensure cleanliness and hygiene.

I believe many friends have bought a food processor. What functions can the food processor?

The definition of food processor in the market is to integrate the functions of soy milk, dry powder, squeezed fruit juice, minced meat filling, shaved ice, jam, shaved ice, and meat filling.


I hope my post is helpful for everyone especially for the busy mummy who has a baby. I think the appropriate appliances can improve efficiency and reduce a lot of workloads. Therefore, choose it carefully and read the instruction if first-time use. I think every mummy willing to choose the best small kitchen appliances to make the baby food.

If you have any questions, please leave them below. I ‘d love to hear that.


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