I think every one of you eats waffles before. Maybe someone doesn’t know the food they have eaten was waffle.

In what place or situation will waffle in front of you? I think somebody already knows the answer. That is dessert and ice cream.

If you cannot forget the taste of the waffles, I suggest you read my post to understand more about the best rated waffle makers.

If you want to know more about the principle and how it works, please read What Is Waffle Maker(Electric Vs Waffle Iron).

With the waffle maker at home, you can make the waffle every day. You can create your own recipe without any additive, preservative, etc.

Do you hear the waffle bowl? You can use it as a bowl and make taco easily.

If you want to know more, please read my post below.

Out of the options below, my #1 choice is Cuisinart WMR-CA Round Classic Waffle Maker because it features stainless steel housing, adjustable temperature control, and indicator lights.

Table Of Content

  1. Presto 03510 Ceramic Flipside Belgian Waffle Maker – [THE MOST EXPENSIVE]
  2. Cuisinart WMR-CA Round Classic Waffle Maker – [TOP PICK]
  3. Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker with Removable Plates 26030 – [EDITOR CHOICE]
  4. Cuisinart WAF-F20 Double Belgian Waffle Maker – [EDITOR CHOICE]
  5. Dash Mini Waffle Maker Machine for Individual Waffles – [BUDGET PRODUCT]
  6. Oster Belgian Waffle Maker CKSTWF2000-1AM
  7. KRUPS Belgian Waffle Maker
  8. Disney DCM-1 Classic Mickey Waffle Maker
  9. Hamilton Beach 4-Piece Belgian Waffle Maker 26020
  10. Presto 03500 Belgian Bowl Waffle Maker
  11. BLACK+DECKER Rotating Waffle Maker WMD200B
  12. Hamilton Beach Belgian Waffle Maker 26009
  13. BLACK+DECKER Flip Waffle Maker WM1404S
  14. BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Waffle Maker with Nonstick Reversible Plates G48TD
  15. Cuisinart WAF-300 Belgian Waffle Maker with Pancake Plates
  16. How To Choose The Best Flip Waffle Maker
  17. Conclusion

Best Flip Waffle Makers

Presto 03510 Ceramic Flipside Belgian Waffle Maker

[THE MOST EXPENSIVE] This is Presto ceramic flipside Belgian waffle maker. I like the ceramic non-stick grid that has no chemicals. It’s different than other makers. The exterior is brushed stainless steel.

It comes with the instruction that has few recipes. If you are new to make a waffle, it’s good news for you. you can easily bake extra-thick Belgian-style waffles.

The handle is made of plastic that is a cool touch. You can feel it cool even you are making the waffle. With the handle, you can flip the waffle easily.

On the side, there is a timer used for count time when making the waffle. The timer can not turn the make on or off. It’s just a timer. If you want to use it, press the button down until you a double zero. It will increase 1 minute every time you press.

You can set the timer maximum to 30 minutes. When the timer has only 1 minute, it’s will have 2 beeps sound. When finish count down, it comes with 5 beeps sound.

How to use it? It’s very simple. Preheat the maker until the red light goes out. The red light is just on the top of the timer. Then pour a cup of batter into the waffle grid and set the digital timer for 4 minutes.

Close the cover and flip the maker to another side to spread the batter evenly across the grids.

After that, just wait the time is up. The maker will do all the rest for you.

Store it is very easy and save space, you can store the maker vertically by just rotate it to the vertical position. Then flip up the red locking latch to lock it. To unlock it, just simply drop the latch down.

For me, the most important thing is the non-stick ceramic. As you know, some non-stick layer will release some toxic chemical if have a scratch.

If I can choose, I will choose one healthier.

Cuisinart WMR-CA Round Classic Waffle Maker

[TOP PICK] This is Cuisinart WMR-CA Round Classic Waffle Maker. It has brushed stainless steel housing and measures 10 inches long, 8 inches across. It can stand for ease of storage.

In the bottom, it has rubber feet so the maker will not move around on your counter. The stay-cool handle will stay cool while making the waffle. The cord can wrap around the bottom. Overall, the design is compact and convenient.

How about inside? The round cooking plates are non-stick. It has a brown control in the front from 1 to 5. 1 is the lightest and 5 is the deep golden brown. There are red and green indicator lights also on the front.

Inside the instruction, it comes with the recipes. If you are the first time to make a waffle, it’s good news for you. You no need to find the recipe online. It saves time.

If your waffle maker is first to use, please wipe the plates with a damp cloth. Don’t wash it directly in the water. Please.

Every time you start to make the first waffle, wipe the plates with a little bit of oil.

You have to preheat the maker first. Just plugin, close the lid and use setting 4. The red indicator will light up. Then wait until the green indicator light up which mean preheat is completed. It tells you. You can make your waffle now.

Open the lid with the handle. Don’t worry. As the handle is plastic, it’s cool enough to hold. It won’t be hurt. Pour your batter in the center. It recommends using 0.5 cup batter per waffle for an evenly filled waffle.

Then the indicator will turn red. It will turn green again when the waffle is done.

During the process, I recommend not to open the lid to see your waffle is done or not because you may have a sticky mess.

You see, the operation is very simple. No difficulty during the process. After you are familiar with the maker, you can try more different tasty recipes with your family. Have fun every time.

Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker with Removable Plates 26030

[EDITOR CHOICE] This is Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker with Removable Plates. As you see the name, it can flip and come with removable plates. It’s different than other waffle makers.

The handle of the maker uses to control the flip can be collapse so it can save more space in your cupboard.

It comes with brush stainless steel housing and a clean simple control panel. It looks very nice.

At the top of the waffle maker, you will see red and green indicator lights. Red means power on. Green is ready to cook indicator light tells you when to add batter.

The adjustable browning control is the timer from MIN to 3. It depends on how brown you like. 3 is a deep brown. You can choose it according to your personal preference. More brown means crispier.

The cord is pretty long. It’s around 2 feet. I think it’s long enough for most of the counter.

The grids are detachable for easy cleanup. When you open the lid, you will see the button. You can detach easily by just push the button. Including the removable drip tray under the maker, all the parts are dishwasher safe for simple cleanup.

The operation is very simple. Just wait for the green indicator light up. Choose how brown you want. Then pour the batter and wait for the result. Sure, you can flip it during cooking.

Overall, I pretty like this design especially the flip function. During cooking, control to flip can cook the waffle more even, browner, and thicker.

It’s really easy to do, even for your kids.

Cuisinart WAF-F20 Double Belgian Waffle Maker

[EDITOR CHOICE] This is the Cuisinart double Belgian waffle maker. It can cook two large Belgian waffles at the same time. The extra-deep 1-inch waffle pocket is also attractive.

A normal waffle maker only makes one at a time so either you have to keep them all warm in the oven or everyone has to eat at different times

With this maker, everyone can get a fresh one quickly.

In the front, there is a 6-setting browning control knob that lets you choose how brown you want on the left side. There is an on/off switch on the right side. In this maker, only two control in the control panel.

How about the bottom? You can wrap the cord there. It makes the cord easier to store. It’s really a good design.

It’s very easy to use. You just need to plug in and preheat it. When the green light is light up, you will hear a beep sound 3 times.

Normally, it will use 3 or 4 to cook the waffle. But it depends on your personal preference. If you want more brown, then choose higher.

Better use the batter cup provided to fill the batter right in the middle of the first side. Then close it. It is the perfect amount for this maker. There is the handle on the cup too. You can hook it right on the bowl so it won’t dirty your counter.

After the first side is filled, turn it 180 degrees. Then you can make the second waffle to the other side. The arrow in the handle will tell you which way to turn.

When you fill the second side, turn it again because it helps to distribute the batter evenly around both plates.

As each side of the waffle is done, the green indicator on the front will light up on that side and will beep 3 times.

The only thing that has to concern is the size. It needs a lot of storage space. If you always need to make a lot of waffles, it’s a good investment.

Dash Mini Waffle Maker Machine for Individual Waffles

[BUDGET PRODUCT] This is Dash Mini waffle maker. As the name mention, it’s really small, 6-inch long, cute, and weighs only 1 lb+ so the price is the cheapest.

It comes with a waffle maker and recipe book. There are 8 colors that let you choose from, aqua, black, copper, grey, pink, red, silver, and white. The non-stick surface is PFOA free.

With 350 watts, when you first plug it in, it takes about 90 seconds to warm up. The blue light on the top will turn off when the warm-up is done.

It’s easy to store and great for college students like if you live in a dorm.

It doesn’t need any technique to use the unit. Everything is very simple. Just preheat the unit. Pour the batter. Finally, wait for less than 3 minutes.

Only one thing need to keep in mind. This waffle maker is really very small. The cooking surface is only 4 inches. It’s really not suitable for family use. Single-serve only.

On the other way, the sleek design and trendy color are suitable as a gift. Multiple color choices can use to decorate the kitchen.

If you don’t eat waffles often, this compact waffle maker may be the best choice for you.

Oster Belgian Waffle Maker CKSTWF2000-1AM

This is Oster Belgian waffle maker. It has a stainless steel housing that looks great and shiny. The non-stick plate is 8-inch big. It’s one time bigger than the previous one.

It can make a round waffle with a deep pocket that can let you put in a lot of different toppings and syrup. You can also add some chocolate and fruit.

At the top of the unit, it has adjustable temperature control. You can control how brown your waffle is here. From light waffles up to dark waffles.

Below the control, there are power and a ready light to lets you know when the unit is on and ready to bake.

It comes with a cool-touch handle. When the waffle is done, you won’t feel hot by using the handle to open the cover.

When you first time using the machine, clean the plates with a damp cloth and a little bit of soap. Rinse off with another damp cloth and dry because the plate is not detachable. You can not wash it directly in the water.

What an inconvenience. If you are budget enough, I suggest you buy the waffle maker with the detachable plate. I like cleaning the stuff in the water directly.

When you make the first waffle, put some oil on the plate. But you don’t need to put the oil every time, just put it in the first time or when you know the waffle is started to stick to the plate.

The operation is straightforward. Plugin. when the red and green go on, pour the batter to the plates. Turn the temperature control according to your personal preference. It will be done in around 5 minutes. It’s simple than usual.

KRUPS Belgian Waffle Maker

This is KRUPS Belgian waffle maker with removable plates. I like the removable plate because you can wash it directly in the water. Moreover, the removable plate always is dishwasher safe. It’s better than clean it with just a damp cloth.

You want to clean it with a damp cloth or dishwasher?

This is a pretty big machine that can make 4-slice Belgian waffles at one time. It’s nice and big for a big family.

The housing is stainless steel. It looks nice and cool.

In the front, there is a pretty big handle. If you want to open the cover, not just hold the handle and open it. You need to stick out right there and squeeze the bottom with your thumb and it opens up.

It has an on light and ready light on the left so you will know when the waffle maker is on when it’s ready for you to pour the batter in. It also comes with a beep sound to remind you.

On the right-hand side, it also has a nice dial so you can change how dark or how light according to your personal preference or your lovely kid’s preference. Normally, I eat what my kids like.

When you open the cover, you will see big Belgian waffle plates. If you want to detach it, just push the button on the side and pull the plates down. The plates are dishwasher safe for you to have a nice easy cleaning.

In the bottom, there is a very nice place for you to wrap the cord there for easy storage. It’s good because the cord will not take up space and make your cabinets messy.

When you put it in your cabinet, you can also store the waffle maker vertically to save more space.

Disney DCM-1 Classic Mickey Waffle Maker

This is Disney Classic Mickey Waffle Maker. As you see the image and the name, you can really make the Mickey waffle. If you want Mickey waffle, you don’t have to go to Disney anymore. You can make it at home at any time.

If your kids like Disney, they can start every morning with the Mickey waffle. You can make it as many as you want, eat as many as you want. What’s a beautiful day.

It has brushed stainless steel housing. On the top, you will see a laser-etched logo. It looks elegant in the kitchen. I think it can use as a kitchen decoration.

It comes with a big handle for you to open the cover easily. Under the handle, you will see the Mickey-shaped indicator light. It tells you when your waffle maker is plugged in and hot.

On the bottom, it has non-skid rubber feet. It stays the waffle maker firmly and stables on your counter. Non-stick coating plates lets bake the Mickey waffle easy and clean up also easy.

The operation is so easy. Only one step needs to be more careful.

Just like the other waffle makers. Preheat first. Pour the batter into the plate. Here, you have to pour the batter slowly and evenly inside the Mickey. Otherwise, the result may not look good. After that, just close the cover. Wait for 2-4 minutes.

Finally, you will have a nice Mickey-shaped waffle.

Tip: If you know the waffle is started to stick to the plate, you can add a little bit of oil evenly to the plate.

Clean up is very easy. Before you store it, just use a damp cloth to clean and dry.

I hope this Mickey waffle maker can bring more fun and joy to your home.

Hamilton Beach 4-Piece Belgian Waffle Maker 26020

This Hamilton Beach waffle maker can make 4 pieces of separate waffles at one time. If you always share your waffle with your kids, you no need to cut anymore. Just give them one.

It also means you can choose to make 1 or 2 or 3 waffles at one time. No need to make 4 waffles all the time. It’s really convenient and easy. You know, sometimes you don’t want to eat so much. This waffle maker can do a perfect job for you.

It is a Belgian style which means this waffle maker has really thick deep plates. Be careful, this waffle maker is pretty heavy so it feels pretty sturdy and durable.

When you plugged it in, the power indicator light goes on. After a few minutes, the ready light goes on as well which means that it’s ready for the waffle batter to go in. and you will have a waffle very soon.

Before opening the cover, you will see a little latch on the big handle, you have to unlock it first. Otherwise, you can not open the cover and pour the batter in. After that, close the cover and make sure it’s locked.

If you can not open the cover, you just simply pull it with a little bit more power as the waffle maker is heavy. There are the non-stick plates and that means you don’t have to spray any oil and it can clean easily.

There is no browning control and temperature control. The only thing you can do is wait 4-5 minutes after closing the cover.

To clean the nonstick grid, just simply wipe it down with a damp cloth.

With the compact design, you can easy to store upright in your cupboard or pantry to save space.

Presto 03500 Belgian Bowl Waffle Maker

This is Presto Belgian waffle bowl maker. It can bake a delightfully different kind of 4-inch waffle bowl.

To use this waffle bowl maker, the batter has no special requirements. You can use a store-bought waffle mix or homemade. It also comes with a recipe for traditional waffles.

From now on, your breakfast, lunch even dinner can be more exciting because you have now bowl to use. When you are having dessert, you can use this bowl too. It can use to make chicken waffle taco also.

There are endless filling possibilities with the bowl, just depends on your creation and imagination.

It’s very easy to use just like the other waffle makers.

Plugin for a quick 3-minute preheat. The signal light on the front will go out when it’s ready. Simply pour the batter in, close the cover and bake for about four minutes, that is.

With the non-stick grid, you can remove the finished waffle bowl easily.

Now, you may aware this waffle bowl maker has no button or control. There is only one choice one flavor for you. You can not control how brown or crispy is your waffle.

You can say, it’s very simple. But I know someone may like crispier. If you are one of them, you should pay attention to this.

Overall, it looks cute and reliable. If you want to change your bowl, you should consider this.

BLACK+DECKER Rotating Waffle Maker WMD200B

This is BLACK+DECKER Rotating Waffle Maker. It is a double flip waffle maker. You can cook Belgian style waffles for your family’s morning meal and half the time.

Two sets of double-sided waffle plates allow you to cook two delicious waffles at the same time and the rotating cooking system makes perfectly fluffy waffles every time.

There is an indicator light on the top, it turns red when the unit is plugged in, turns green when the unit is ready the make to waffle.

With the nonstick deep grids, the waffle will extra thick and have plenty of room for you to put more topping such as chocolate chips, fruit, or nuts. It should be really nice and crispy.

The big cool-touch handles let you turn the waffle maker to another side easier. When you need to turn, it has an arrow that shows you the direction. It recommends waiting 10 seconds before flipping it.

It also comes with a lock in the handle. Make sure you lock it before you flip. When you flip it, the batter should go over a little bit but all caught by the drip tray in the bottom.

The drip tray helps you to keep your counter nice and clean all the time. It is dishwasher safe.

With the non-stick coating, you can remove the finished waffle easily and reduce the need for excess butter and oil. Cleanup is also easy.

There is no temperature and browning control on this waffle maker. If you want the waffle crisper, just take longer.

If you want to know your waffle is done or not, you have to open it up and see. There is no indicator light tells you. You may need to prepare your own timer.

Hamilton Beach Belgian Waffle Maker 26009

This is Hamilton Beach Belgian, waffle maker. It can make 2 waffles at one time. If you buy this for the family, it may be too small. I think it’s suitable for 1 or 2 people.

Sometimes, you just want to eat 1 waffle. You can pour the battle in either 1 side only. It no needs to pour both sides every time.

The exterior is brushed stainless steel that looks nice and durable.

There are two indicators light on the top. The left one is power on the indicator means your waffle maker is already plugged in when it goes on. The right one is a ready indicator when it on, which means you can make the waffle now.

It has a cool-touch handle. In the handle, there is a lock. Just pull out the little flip to unlock it. Under the lock, you will see the browning control from MIN to MAX. You can choose it according to your personal preference.

The bad thing is the waffle plates are not detachable. You can clean it with a damp cloth only. I personally like washing the thing in the water directly, it will feel cleaner.

It comes with the instruction manual, but there is no recipe inside. Normally, it will follow some recipes with the waffle maker.

If you are new to make a waffle, it’s really bad news for you. You have to search the cookbook to make your own recipe on the internet.

How to store? It can store upright in your cupboard. It saves space.

BLACK+DECKER Flip Waffle Maker WM1404S

This is a BLACK+DECKER Flip waffle maker. When you see the word flip in the product name, that means the waffle maker can turn 180 degrees. The rotation can distribute the batter inside more evenly around both plates.

At the bottom, it has a removable drip tray. When you flip the waffle maker, the drip tray can catch all the excess batter to keep your counter clean.

You can make the 7-inch round waffle that is fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside easily than other waffle makers. I personally prefer this kind of waffle maker.

I forgot to say, this is Belgian style, waffle maker. Belgian style means the waffle has a deep pocket that can let you put more favorite topping such as chocolate chip, fruit, or nuts.

On top of the waffle maker, there are 2 indicator lights. The power indicator light on the left goes on when the waffle maker is plugged in. the ready indicator light on the right goes on when the waffle maker is ready to cook.

With the non-stick surface of the waffle plates, you can remove the finished waffle easily. It also helps to reduce the use of oil or butter.

The cool-touch handle is made of plastic so it will stay cool even you are making a waffle. There is also a lock on the handle. Before you flip the waffle maker to the other side, make sure to lock it first in order to prevent dripping during cooking.

When you need to store the waffle maker in the cupboard, you can collapse the handle to save space.

BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Waffle Maker with Nonstick Reversible Plates G48TD

This is a BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 waffle maker with nonstick reversible plates. As the name mentioned, it’s not only a waffle maker, but also a grill, and griddle.

It has chrome housing. There are big stay-cool black handles on both sides. You can grip it to easily move it on your countertop.

In the front, it has a power indicator light that tells you the unit is already plugged in. On the right-hand side, there is a temperature control dial. You can control the temperature from LOW, MED, and MAX.

This awesome machine can go from toasting sandwiches or frying up eggs and bacon to crafting large, fluffy waffles. You can do it all by just reverse the cooking plates and a simple temperature control switch.

The plates are detachable so you can clean it easier in the water but it’s not a dishwasher wash.

The machine is big and multifunction but it quite easy to reverse the plate. Don’t be scared by the look.

If you want to make a waffle, you just need to reverse the cooking plate. Remember, do it when the plates are cool.

Then fold back the hinged top. Pour the batter into the waffle plates just like other waffle makers. Choose the temperature. Close the cover and wait.

One more thing needs to remember, there is no timer on the machine. You need to use your own timer to count the time. Otherwise, the machine will keep baking.

See, the making waffle part is just simple like that.

Store it also simple, you can store it upright in your cupboard.

Overall, I think this machine is worth the price. It is multifunction, the reversible plates are detachable, and you can make a different kind of food in just one machine.

Easy and convenient.

Cuisinart WAF-300 Belgian Waffle Maker with Pancake Plates

This is Cuisinart WAF-300 Belgian Waffle Maker with Pancake Plates. When you see the name, I think you may know this machine is also multifunction. You can use it to make waffles or pancakes.

It measures 9.6 inches high x 12.2 inches wide x 6.3 inches long.

There are 4-slice Belgian waffle plates and 4-slot pancake plates. All the plates are non stick coated, removable, and dishwasher safe.

It also comes with the tongs and instructions that include some recipes. It’s good for you if you are the first time to have a waffle maker.

The exterior is brushed stainless steel. It looks really nice. The whole machine is silver in color. The handle is also silver in color as well.

In the front, there are a heating indicator light on the left, temperature control in the middle, and a ready indicator light on the right.

When the machine preheat is finished, the ready indicator light will go on. Once the waffle is done, the indicator will start to glow. It also has an audible beep sound for foolproof operation.

There are 6 temperature settings. You can choose to bake your waffle and cook your pancake.

The process of changing the plates is not difficult. You will see the small black button on the right side. When you want to change it, just press the button. Take away the plates and place back the plates you want in the machine.

You can store it upright in your cupboard.

With the non-stick waffle plate, you can remove the finished easily. But, if you see the waffle start to stick to the plate, you can rub a little bit of oil before making the waffle.

With this machine, you can cook two different yummy breakfasts easily every morning.

How To Choose The Best Flip Waffle Maker

Just take a look on Amazon, you will find there are many different kinds of shape and price range of waffle maker.

A tasty waffle and different waffle recipes have to match with different timing and browning setting.

If you are a waffle lover, want to buy a waffle maker for yourself, want to make a waffle with fluffy on the inside, and crispy on the outside, I think you should read the message below carefully.


Only a few waffle makers’ waffle plates are detachable. You can wash it in the water directly. But, be careful, although some are detachable, not all are dishwasher safe. Read the instruction carefully before you put them in the dishwasher.

If the waffle plates are not detachable, you can clean them only with a damp cloth.

I think most of you will agree to wash the plates in the water or dishwasher is much cleaner than just use a damp cloth because some batter stain cannot easily saw by the eyes.

In the long term, the batter stain left on the plates will become hard to clean with a damp cloth.

Browning Setting

Not all waffle makers have a browning setting. You can not make a waffle according to your personal preference.

If the one you want to buy like that, the only thing you can do is just pour the batter in it and close the cover. And wait for the waffle finish. Nothing else you can do.

If you want more choice to make your favorite waffle, try to choose the one that has a browning setting.


Actually, waffle makers can make different waffle shape. Some of them are very funny. It’s not only round or rectangle.

Below, I will write down all the waffle shapes I know for you:

  1. Round waffle
  2. Square waffle
  3. Disney Mickey waffle
  4. Disney Minnie waffle
  5. Waffle bowl
  6. Hong Kong egg waffle
  7. Waffle Cone
  8. Heart waffle
  9. Bob Ross waffle
  10. Star Wars Darth Vader waffle
  11. Star Wars Death Star waffle
  12. Keyboard waffle
  13. Snowflake waffle
  14. Star Wars Millennium Falcon waffle
  15. Animal waffle
  16. Emoji waffle
  17. Star Wars Stormtrooper waffle


With the multifunction, you can cook as a waffle maker, grill, or griddle. It depends on the machine.

Normally, you can change the function by reverse the plates or change the plates. It’s much easier than expected. Don’t be scared by the look of the machine.

You can cook a different kind of meal with just one machine.


The size range of waffles makers can be very large. Like Dash mini maker, the size is only 6-inch long. Some flip waffle maker, the size is much bigger.

Before you buy, I think you have to consider the space of your counter and cupboard first.

Non-stick Coating

Normally, most of the waffle makers come with non-stick waffle plates. Some will use ceramic that is healthier. As you know, toxic chemicals may release from the non-stick coating if it has a scratch.

The non-stick coating can reduce the need for oil or butter.

If I can choose, I will choose ceramic.

Cord Length

Long cord length is much better than short cord length. Read the instruction to understand more.


Some waffle makers have a built-in timer. It can let you know how long will the waffle finish.

Housing Material

The exterior of the waffle maker is brushed stainless steel. It will look more nice and elegant.

Rotating Style

When you pour the batter on one side and then turn it to another side. It can distribute the batter evenly around both plates. It’s much easier to make the waffle with fluffy on the inside, crispy on the outside.

Batter cup

With the provided batter cup, you no need to guess how much batter you should pour into the plates. Just use the batter cup to pour the batter.


Most of the waffle makers have 2 indicator lights. One is a power indicator and the other one is the ready indicator.

Normally, when the power indicator light goes on means your waffle maker is already plugged in.

But, there are 2 meanings when the ready indicator lights go on. The first meaning is when the preheat is done. The second meaning is your waffle is done.

Read the instruction carefully to understand the meaning of the ready indicator lights.

Cord Wrap

For some waffle makers, the cord can wrap on the bottom. Store the waffle maker like this in your cupboard can save space and less messy.

Number Of Waffle

There are many different choices, like 1 whole waffle, 2-slice, 4-slice, or 5-slice.

Cool-touch Handle

With the cool-touch handle, you open or close the cover will not feel any hot when you are making the waffle.


Most of you should understand more about the waffle maker. A homemade waffle is not as difficult and trouble as you think.

When I think of waffles, the first food I can think of is dessert. Eat dessert can make me relax and happy. Every time I go to Disney will eat their ice cream because the cone is made of waffle. It’s the best I have ever eaten.

With the waffle maker at home, make waffle becomes easy. Your family will have one more tasty breakfast every morning.

Actually, I think a waffle bowl can make a more different kind of meal or dessert. The combination is much more than a normal waffle. It totally depends on your imagination. It can inspire and attract your kids to make more food with you.

I think you should love having any activities with your kids. Until now, I think you should know how to choose the best waffle maker.

If you like dessert, I think you should like the appliance below.

I hope your family will have fun and enjoy every day. If you have any question or opinion, please leave them below, I’d love to hear that.


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