Beautiful floors can refresh the kitchen. Plain stained floors will show all stains clearly. Choosing floors with spots or patterns can save time on cleaning. Therefore, the best kitchen flooring material can save you a lot of time.

The light-colored floor will make the house brighter, and the dark-colored floor will make the house darker. The excessively bright and eye-catching patterns will make the picture messy. It is always the right choice to lay a simple plain floor in the small kitchen.

Here are some common materials for the kitchen floor.

If the budget is not limited, luxurious materials such as marble or slate can be laid on, but some decorative materials are best not to be used, such as slate, ceramic, or terracotta tiles, because the general floor is basically Can’t bear their weight.

If there is no problem with the load-bearing on the ground, there are many options, such as granite, ceramic tiles, terracotta, wood, vinyl, cork, or linoleum.

Wooden floor

There are always some weird feelings about the wood in the kitchen. In fact, wood has many advantages, such as durability, warmth, and better use.

Its shortcomings are also obvious. Heavy or sharp objects will cause it to appear dents or scars. It should be used with care, and it can not be soundproof. It also needs regular maintenance, repair, and waxing.

When the new floor is laid, leveled, and cleaned, coated with several layers of non-abrasive wax can make it look more plump, shiny, warm, and durable.

For a matte effect, apply diluted white latex on the floor, and then apply matte wax.

When glazing or waxing, remember to start farthest from the door so that you can avoid being trapped in the house after finishing. The price of solid wood flooring is relatively expensive.


This is a very tough material, resistant to dirt, waterproof, easy to clean, and has a warm touch, it has a variety of thickness and price.

This kind of floor has flakes and bricks, soft and hard. One of the biggest advantages of vinyl is that it does not require maintenance and repair at all, and it is very convenient to use.


This material is very similar to vinyl, it is warm, dirty, durable, easy to clean, and has a thin and brick shape.

It is made of natural materials, so it has become very popular in recent years. Due to the large increase in demand, its colors and patterns have more choices.

In terms of price, it is relatively stable and suitable.

Cork brick

Cork bricks are easy to clean, provide a warm foot feel, cheap, tough, and easy to lay. They have a special effect of mottled colors and have been welcomed for many years.

It is made of natural materials and can be recycled in a circle. There are two products of cork brick coated with PVC surface and keeping the original appearance.

One of the original appearances is easier to cut and can also be colored.

Remember to seal the ground when paving, so that the floor can be resistant to water, dirt, and durability.

The price of cork bricks varies, which is relatively higher than that of ordinary tiles.

Ceramic tile

The styles of ceramic tiles can be described as increasing day by day, with hundreds of colors and patterns. It is durable, easy to clean, and rich and frugal.

Disadvantages are hard texture, cold, no sound insulation, and very slippery when wet. Tiles can only be laid on hard floors because they are too heavy for wooden floors.

In recent years, classical feelings have become stronger and stronger, making the market for antique bricks popular.

The antique tiles in the tiles deliberately polish the surface of the tiles to form irregular edges, resulting in the appearance of erosion over time to shape the sense of history and nature.

The feet of antique tiles are generally very comfortable, and they are firm, warm and relaxing It feels that it breaks through the tradition that the tile feet are not as good as wooden floors.

It not only retains the simplicity of the pottery but also lacks the delicate moisture of the porcelain.

The highlight of the antique brick is its deep cultural connotation. There are not many well-known domestic brands.

Marco Polo represents a kind of Persian civilization and Turkic culture. Shengtaofang is a typical traditional Chinese culture. Jinyi Tao is a kind of talented The appearance of the image, Jin Yitao’s debut Athena classical stone is derived from the romantic complex of ancient Greece.

Terracotta tiles

This brick looks more luxurious when worn. Terracotta tiles are warm: their red bricks are very soft. Because terracotta tiles are heavy, it is best to lay them on the thick ground.

This brick is relatively expensive.

Purchase guide

1. It is best not to visit only one building material city and two more bricks because there are many manufacturers of floor materials and the prices are also high and low. Shop around, of course, the best!

2. The area around Shilihe can be said to be a gathering place for floor tiles. There are more than a dozen wall and floor tile stores. There are many manufacturers from Guangdong, and the size of each one is not small. You can compare them along the street.

3. Compared with other building materials, the price of bricks is more humid, especially those small manufacturers. Sometimes bricks of the same texture can differ by a lot of money. If you have enough energy and time, you can avoid the agent and directly find the “source” manufacturer, which can be much cheaper.

4. Before buying bricks, you must measure the size, calculate the size of the room, and then calculate how many bricks to buy, generally leaving a surplus of about one square meter.


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