In Europe and the United States, every housewife will bake snacks and desserts. Recently, more and more people bake that’s a very happy activity with your kids to make delicious desserts by themselves, but if you want to make good baked food, then good tools are necessary, so what is the best baking appliances for western style kitchen?

I will recommend several baking kitchen appliances for you so that you can easily become a baking expert.

Toaster Oven

Toaster Oven

When it comes to baking, the first appliance that comes to mind is the oven, and the oven has gradually become an indispensable cooking appliance in the modern home kitchen. Although many ovens now also have a barbecue function, due to the working principle, this function is not always easy to use as an ordinary oven.

The volume of the oven cannot be too small. Due to the limitation of the heating principle, the space is too small may cause uneven heating of the food. When choosing the oven, try to choose a product with a larger capacity, usually above 25L.

Choosing an oven when decorating at home, not only can cook more different dishes, experience more delicious food, but also add a lot of fun to the kitchen life.

However, if it is only used by people who usually heat food, it is recommended to use a microwave oven, which is convenient, fast, and saves electricity. For adults who like baking, it is recommended to buy a more professional oven to better do their favorite food.

So how to buy and how to choose? The following posts will teach you in much detail about that.

If you want to know more about the microwave oven, the posts below will be helpful.

Hand Mixer

Hand Mixer

As a cooking lover, especially if you like to make pastries, the “electric hand mixer” must be an essential practical tool in the kitchen.

The hand mixer is a type of baking appliance that directly contacts the ingredients, so you need to pay attention to the health of the ingredients when choosing. The metal part of the material needs to use food-grade stainless steel, and the plastic part must also meet the food-grade requirements to avoid pollution.

As long as the switch is turned on, the hand mixer can automatically stir the eggs evenly which is very quick and convenient.

Different gear speeds of the hand mixer can be used to process different ingredients. Beat eggs at low speed and noodles to whipped cream at high speed. Do not choose if the speed is too fast or too slow.

The electric hand mixer is more versatile and can be used to whipped fresh cream, butter, eggs, etc. The following articles will explain in detail all aspects of that.

Bread Maker

Bread Maker

When it comes to making bread, the first thing everyone thinks about is the complicated preparation work, buying ingredients, weighing proportionally, kneading dough, waiting for fermentation, it is really time-consuming and troublesome.

A bread maker only needs to add ingredients proportionally, press the correct button, and wait. The bread can also be used to make toast directly. It is convenient and fast. Choose a double stirring structure bread maker to make the bread softer and more delicious.

As a kind of baked food, bread is deeply loved by people. Every time I pass the bakery, the freshly baked bread has a golden color and a fragrant aroma, which catch my eye every time. In fact, if you want to eat bread, you don’t have to buy the finished bread. You can also make it at home. You can enjoy the fun of baking, and the bread is more nutritious and hygienic.

And bread contains protein, fat, carbohydrates, a small amount of vitamins and calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, and other minerals. It has various flavors, easy to digest and absorb, easy to eat, and soft, and will not cause damage to the gastrointestinal tract.

In bread, starch sugar accounts for about 60%, plant protein exceeds 10%, and also contains minerals and vitamins B. At breakfast, you may wish to choose cereal bread and whole wheat bread, and then mix it with a glass of milk, and add some vegetables and fruits, if possible, for more comprehensive nutritional intake.

Grain bread and whole wheat bread are the most popular now.

Cereal bread is rich in dietary fiber, unsaturated fatty acids, and minerals, which can help improve metabolism and benefit your health.

Whole wheat bread is rich in dietary fiber, which makes people feel fuller faster and indirectly reduces intake. The same is bread, eating whole wheat bread is more helpful to lose weight than eating white bread.

What are you waiting for? Let’s take a look at the bread makers with me!

Stand Mixer

Stand Mixer

Many families now make their own desserts such as buns, bread, cakes, toasts, pastries, etc. Not only is it fun to make, but the family is also very relieved when eating, but if we make noodles ourselves, we will definitely be more tired. Fortunately,  with the stand mixer, we can save a lot of energy and time.

It’s composed of a mixing tank, a stirring hook, a transmission device, and a machine base. It’s mainly to mix flour and water evenly. Compared with the hand mixer, the stand mixer is more professional and the classification is more refined. The multi-speed variable-speed can also be used to stir butter, cheese, fresh milk, beaten eggs, etc.

Generally speaking, the power of the stand mixer is mostly between 100-400w. If you have a large family, you can freely buy a larger stand mixer. The general is about 2-5L.

The fully automatic stand mixer is widely used in hotels, bakeries, cake shops, cafes, bars, tea shops, families, and other occasions.

Working principle:

The spiral stirring hook is driven to rotate in the mixing cylinder by the transmission device, and at the same time, the mixing cylinder is rotated by the transmission device. The flour in the tank is constantly pushed, pulled, kneaded, pressed, fully stirred, and the gluten is expanded to become a dough with a certain elasticity, elasticity, and uniform flow.

So, what’s good about the stand mixer? Which brand is better? How to use and maintain it?


Above is only some of the useful kitchen baking appliances if you want to bake fast and conveniently. I hope it will be useful for everyone who likes to eat healthily and save money.

If you have any questions, please leave them below. I ‘d love to hear that.


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